5 Ways the Queen’s Birthday Was Different in 2016

Well, that’s it. Four days of pomp and celebration to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Here are five ways they mixed it up in 2016 to keep her birthday fresh.

Bounce House

Tourists were agape to see the Queen bouncing away in a Bounce House situated in front of the Palace.


Is that the Queen busking for change and pound notes thrown in a guitar case? Indeed it is! Play “Fire and Rain” your Majesty!

Motorcycle Sidecar

She almost couldn’t see over the top of the sidecar she rode in from London to Edinburgh and back. In one day!

Video Gamer

The Queen was quickly identified by her username QueenBeeLizzie during her birthday online video game experience playing League of Legends, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Her constant cries of, “Time to die!” peppered her play.

Snapchat Skateboard

The Queen got major props from skaters and action sports athletes by uploading Snapchat videos while skateboarding through Piccadilly Square. Skillz!

Famous Quotes These People Actually Never Said

Social media is full of dumb, inspirational and funny quotes from a a variety of famous people from the past and present. Sadly, many of those quotes were never uttered by the person they attribute them to. Here are seven examples.

“A stick of butter in your pants makes every trail ride a might bit smoother.”

– John Wayne never said it

“Gyyyyyyyossssssssshhhhhhhhhhh! I can see my house burning down from up here! What the heck is going on down there?”

– Neil Armstrong never said it

“If you eat some snakeskin and gunpowder before every game, you’ll get ten more yards on long fly balls.”

– Willie Mays never said it

“You know what I like after a long day? Betting on the horses online.”

– Ghandi never said it

“I invented the heart-shaped waffle.”

– Al Gore never said it

“Elementary school kids should not be seen or heard.”

– Sherlock Holmes never said it

“Would you like fries with that?”

– Voltaire never said it

Female Celebrities I Have Not Been Romantically Involved With

There’s a lot of gossip in this town. Lindsay Lohan allegedly released a list of her alleged former lovers a few years ago, allegedly.

Similarly, over the years there has been a list circulated of famous ladies that reportedly I have never been involved with romantically.

Rumors continue to float around town about who is not involved with me in any way, so here is an official list of women I have not been romantically involved with in the past.

Adriana Lima
Alanis Morissette
Alicia Keys
Alicia Silverstone
Amy Smart
Angelina Jolie
Angie Harmon
Ashlee Simpson
Ashley Judd
Ashley Olsen
Billie Piper
Bo Derek
Bridget Fonda
Britney Spears
Brittany Murphy
Brooke Burns
Brooke Shields
Calista Flockhart
Carly Pope
Carmen Electra
Carrie Underwood
Catherine Zeta Jones
Charlize Theron
Christie Brinkley
Christina Ricci
Christy Turlington
Cindy Crawford
Clare Danes
Claudia Schiffer
Courtney Cox
Courtney Love
Daisy Fuentes
Dana Delany
Daryl Hannah
Debra Messing
Demi Moore
Drew Barrymore
Elizabeth Hurley
Elle MacPherson
Eva Longoria
Geena Davis
Gisele Bundchen
Gwen Stefani
Gwenyth Paltrow
Halle Berry
Hilary Swank
Irene Jacob
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Jaime Bergman
Jaime Pressly
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jenna Jameson
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Beale
Jessica Simpson
Jodie Foster
Julie Roberts
Mandy Fisher
Mandy Moore
Marcia Cross
Mariah Carey
Marlo Thomas
Martina Mcbride
Mary Kate Olsen
Maryln Monroe
Meg Ryan
Melissa Joan Heart
Mena Suvari
Mia Sara
Michelle Pfeiffer
Minnie Driver
Naomi Campbell
Natalia Paris
Natalie Maines
Natalie Portman
Nelly Furtado
Neve Campbell
Nia Long
Nicole Kidman
Niki Taylor
Nikki Cox
Olivia Newton john
Pamela Anderson
Patricia Arquette
Paula Vazquez
Penelope Cruz
Piper Perabo
Portia de Rossi
Scarlett Johansson
Sofía Vergara
Tara Reid
Tea Leoni
Tyra Banks

I’ll update this list as other female celebrities make it painfully obvious I have no shot.

You’ll Never Recognize These Future Stars

7985823714_e5cb4df628_o----news boy----loc-crop715

Before he was a billionaire playboy inventor, Robert Downey, Jr. delivered the news!



Will Ferrell looking stylish as a little kid!


2179131363_5434a3b60f_o----farm boy with reins 2-loc-crop567

Hugh Jackman works the fields as a youth in Australia!


2179120975_ec91957b20_o----girl with map-loc-crop742

Jessica Chastain shows you the world and her cool freckles!


2179121221_4030f0b37a_o----school kids-loc-crop724

Colin Ferrell chills with school mates!


2179129197_8445c87a66_o----young girl-loc-crop697

Nicki Minaj shows confidence and style even as a young girl!


7893967326_024b1d0377_o----bike-messenger boy----loc-crop754

Liam Neeson runs this town!

7 State Capitol Buildings Now Owned By Celebrities

What do you buy when you are an internationally famous movie star and you already own 23 homes in 17 countries?

Many Hollywood celebs are jumping on the latest real estate craze- State Capitol buildings. Cash-strapped states are selling their Capitol buildings to stars looking to stay one step ahead of their rivals.

Here are seven state Capitol buildings owned by movie stars:


Courtesy Miami University University Libraries Digital Collections
Courtesy Miami University University Libraries Digital Collections

Ohio State Capitol Building

Picked up in 2010 for a song, Madonna spends 2 months every year on the upper floor where she has cut her last 3 albums.



3718598724_cb13607871_b----Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives 1924
Oregon State Capitol courtesy Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives

Oregon State Capitol

Purchased by Clint Eastwood in 2008 for a potential movie about Oregon trappers who take over Canada in the 1800s. The movie was never made, so he made one wing into a practice putting green.



5788977426_c41356ac9b_o----missouri state capitol -archive-org
Missouri State Capitol courtesy Internet Archive at Archive.Org

Missouri State Capitol

Channing Tatum bought the Missouri Capitol in 2009, using portions of it as an art center, theater and marionette training school.



6989192776_d21ee0d3c8_o----flickr https--www.flickr.com-photos-31846825@N04-6989192776--Florida State Capitol 1902--Florida Memory
Florida State Capitol courtesy Internet Archive at Archive.Org

Florida State Capitol

Recently bought by Mila Kunis for tax reasons, she installed a bounce house in the back yard to practice stunts for the movie “Jupiter Ascending.”



14577064699_4aa6581e8d_b----ny state capital--Archive-org
New York State Capitol courtesy Internet Archive at Archive.Org

New York State Capitol

Now owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs, the New York State Capitol is a famous recording studio. It was the site where he recorded his wildly popular “Shake Ya Tailfeather.”



14765589801_bd6fe0e731_h---mass state house flickr--archive-org
Massachusetts State Capitol courtesy Internet Archive at Archive.Org

Massachusetts State Capitol

After moving the Tonight Show to New York City for several months, Jimmy Fallon moved production to the Massachusetts State Capitol building which he purchased back in 2007. Camera angles and creative production make the program appear to be taped at 30 Rock in Manhattan.



14778695992_040d1cd2ea_o----alabama state house-archive-org
Alabama State House courtesy Internet Archive at Archive.Org

Alabama State Capitol

The Alabama State Capitol will be the site of the next Real Housewives franchise. “Real Housewives of Montgomery” is going to be shot at the State Capitol which was bought by Andy Cohen in 2012. Since he owns the building, Bravo Network will save money on production and location costs. It is slated to air in 2017.


Before They Were Famous: Lady Gaga Plays Baseball

Before Lady Gaga was famous, she briefly considered a baseball career. Music was getting on her nerves after years of practice and dedication.



“Daddy, I want to play baseball!” Gaga said one day. “I’m tired of music.”



“No, Gaga, it’s not right for you. You are an artist, not a sports lady!”



But Gaga insisted. One day she came home with a bat, ball and glove.” Teach me baseball, Daddy!” she said.



“OK, if it will get it out of your system. Here comes the pitch!”



“You missed it, Gaga!”



Eventually she got better and joined the team. Uh oh, it’s her first time at bat!



Boom! All that work with Pops paid off!



Look at Dad cheering! Too bad he was right all along. She only played the rest of the year and then concentrated on her music. If only she had stayed in baseball.





Images via Prelinger Archives at Archive.org

Jeff Goldblum’s Weekly Jazz Jam in Los Angeles

Back in the day, we had just built a new cigar room at the Friars Club in LA when someone said we should invite Jeff Goldblum to our kickoff smoker. As a high-profile cigar aficionado, he would be a perfect guest.

The call was made but he was busy with his own new venture, an under-the-radar weekly jazz jam in Loz Feliz. All these years later, sadly the Friars Club is gone, but the jazz night lives on at Rockwell Table and Stage. Definitely check it out if you are in the area. Here is a short clip:

7 Businesses “The Situation” Considered Before Opening His Tanning Salon

The Situation was back in the news recently after a scuffle in his tanning salon.

What, you didn’t know he had a tanning salon?

Check this out. Here are 7 other businesses he considered opening before settling on the tanning industry.

–The Situation’s Washboard Abs Laundry – lonely New Jersey housewives would do their laundry on his abs. Prices were per hour, not wash load.

–The Situation’s Media Consulting – he would help aspiring Jersey Shore residents pitch reality TV shows. Programs considered included “Forget the SATs – Success through Reality TV” and “Tan Your Way to Obscurity.”

–The Situation’s Walking Tours – Join The Situation as he takes you on walking tours of the locations he first fought, puked and shredded abs on his way to MTV glory.

–The Situation’s Sandwiches and Soda – a boardwalk sandwich shop, Sandwiches and Soda was going to feature waitresses dressed up like Snooki during the high bun years.

–The Situation’s 15 Minutes – a new local TV program, The Situation would feature different businesses on the boardwalk for 15 minute segments. The idea was to raise their profile locally in order to get more business from surrounding communities like Sea Girt and Turkey Swamp Park.

–The Situation’s Spikah Hair Salon – in this high-tech salon, men and women alike would only get one choice of hair style: The Situation’s patented High Fade complete with “Spikah,” The Situation’s nick name for Joico Ice Spiker Water-Resistant Styling Glue.

Photo Courtesy Eve Rinaldi via Flickr 2.0

–The Situation’s Jersey Shore Gym – To make “Gym, Tan, Laundry” as easy as possible, this proposed gym would have laundry and tanning beds right on site.

Please watch this space for future business ideas being pursued by The Situation.