RIP Garry Shandling

Sad news from yesterday that Garry Shandling passed away at the young age of 66. A true giant in the business, he was always one of the good guys.

A while back I heard Eddie Izzard was working out some material at a small theater in LA before an international tour. He did this sporadically — the shows always sold out quick — and I was lucky to snag a ticket. He rocked the place, even with the new bits he screwed up. Actually, the crowd was mostly hardcore fans, so they liked it even more when he screwed stuff up.

Afterwards I was mingling in the outdoor courtyard when I found myself in a little group with Garry Shandling. He was cracking everyone up, paying tribute to Eddie while mocking him in a kidding way at the same time. Incredibly relaxed and hysterically funny, I could see why he was so loved.