3 Things You Are Doing That Make Your Hair Stylist Go Insane

Ladies, you rely on your hair stylist to keep you looking attractive and sharp. Then why are you making them crazy doing these dumb things?

Don’t Know What You Want

It’s funny, but they don’t teach mind reading at hairstylist school. What did you expect? Were you waiting for your stylist to place their hands on your face like Spock and do a mind meld, instantly knowing what style you want? Hey, at least give them some idea, like, “I want to look like a blend of Nicole Kidman in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and a young Katy Perry.”

Coming in Late

Here is what the stylist wants to say: “Hey, sleepy-head. Don’t have an alarm clock at your house? Gee, we waited and pushed our whole salon schedule to accommodate you, because you know we love you. But the next time you come in late without calling and expect us to just slide you into a chair we have set aside for your highness, save your breath. Keep on driving down to Supercuts.”

Back Seat Driver

Your stylist doesn’t sit in the back of your car and say you missed the exit and ask why you are driving so slow. So why do you sit in the chair and second guess every clip of the scissors? Look, you may be right. It could come out wrong and you look like Kesha waking up after a five day bender. On the other hand, you might emerge as the Paris Fashion Week catwalk-strutting supermodel you think you really are. Let them drive.

Hey, is that a Timex there?

Thing I learned today: John Mayer is a watch collector and has been a judge for this high-falutin’ competition called The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

Can you imagine the pressure on what you have on your wrist at that show?

“What kind of watch do you have there?”

“Oh, it’s a Timex.”


“How about you?”

“Oh, this is nothing. It’s an Audemars Piguet ‘Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie.'”

“What did that set you back?”

“It’s worth about $295,000.”


Popular Tattoos For Fans of Airplanes and Air Travel

People who love airplanes and air travel can’t get enough. Some even like to get tattoos that show the world their favorite subject. If it has to do with airplanes, they are all over it. After extensive research, I found 5 of the most popular tattoos for airplane fans across the globe.


“I’m getting this one on my back. I love the detail, especially the Retractable Tail Wheel.”

– Elizabeth E., New York City



“I love these piston things or whatever they are. This will be great next to my tattoo of a Piper Cub inside my left ear.”

– Sally H., New Bacon, Indiana




“This has such an energetic, up-up-and-away feel to it.”

– Todd K., Sunset Alley, NM



“This one is simple and direct. Like me.”

Gary M., Cleveland, OH




Tom T., Tarrapon Springs, MD