Weekly Q and A: What is Your Golf Handicap, Long Underwear, and Dogs Sleeping

Hello, everybody, it’s time for my weekly Q and A. Got questions? Send them to jditzel at joeditzel.com.

What is your Golf Handicap?

Good question. I’m not tracking it real well these days, but I’d say around 19. It will get better as I start playing more again. I’m also considering having a stake assembly fixed to my head. I’ll drive a stake in the ground and attach my head to it to keep it from swaying back and forth like a balloon in a hurricane.

Do you wear long underwear?

Only when it gets below 60 degrees. I also wear long underwear shirts, socks and a hat made of the same material.

My dog sleeps all the time. Why?

Dogs sleep 15 hours a day and that may not be enough. Dogs are constantly wagging their tail, walking around looking for scraps from the kitchen, barking at anything that moves outside and zipping around the house like there is a short in their wiring. Have you ever retrieved the rope toy or a tennis ball over and over? It’s exhausting. No wonder dogs sleep so much. I’m surprised they don’t fall asleep standing up like a horse.