Men’s Watches: Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch

Invicta Men’s 4342 Russian Diver Collection Black Watch

“Would you like some sugar?” she asked.

“In my coffee, you mean?” I said, laughing.

She hit me hard with her towel. I reeled back from the snap and laughed.

She went back to the cupboards. Her hair was swept up and yet still flew everywhere, like a drop of paint when it hits the surface in the bucket. She wore a pure white cotton terry-cloth robe. I looked down at the empty plate.

“What’s on the agenda for today’s jaunt?” I asked, gathering my dishes and placing them in the sink.

“I have to take those blue watercans back to Mrs. Pulley. And we need to stop by the market for vegetables for dinner. And fresh flowers?”

“How much time do we have?” I asked, gathering her in my arms.

Her robe fell to the kitchen floor. I picked her up. She was light. And trembling.

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Steampunk Watch Mechanism Gear Movement Cufflinks w/Gift Box

They went to the new Arnold Palmer course. It's not advisable to go golfing on a first date, but if it looks hopeless romantically, at least you are getting in a round.

He teed off and advanced the cart to the ladies tees. She disembarked, pulled a tee from her pocket and stuck it in the ground. Her swing was wide and loopy, but smooth. She paused at the top with no care in the world, dropped the club neatly into the slot and swept the ball off the tee.

It sailed straight. Down. The middle.

She brightened, turned her head with a smile as she pulled the tee from the ground–it had not moved an inch.


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Trafalgar Men's Reel Time – Limited Edition Brace

“At the very beginning of the tale there comes a moment of puzzled hesitation. One way of approach is set beside another for choice, and a third contrived for better choice. Still the puzzle persists, all be-cause the one precisely right way might seem — shall we say intense, high keyed, clamorous? Yet if one way is the only right way, why pause? Courage! Slightly dazed, though certain, let us be on, into the shrill thick of it. So, then–. Out there in the great open spaces where men are men, a clash of primitive hearts and the coming of young love into its own! Well had it been for Estelle St. Clair if she had not wandered from the Fordyce ranch. A moment's delay in the arrival of Buck Benson, a second of fear in that brave heart, and hers would have been a fate worse than death. Had she not been warned of Snake le Vasquez, the outlaw-— his base threat to win her by fair means or foul? Had not Buck Benson himself, that strong, silent man of the open, begged her to beware of the halfbreed? Perhaps she had resented the hint of mastery in Benson's cool, quiet tones as he said, "Miss St. Clair, ma'am, I beg you not to endanger your welfare by permitting the advances of this viper. He bodes no good to such as you.”

by Harry Leon Wilson

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Solid Silk Pocket Square


TO the garden the world anew ascending,
Potent mates, daughters, sons, preluding.
The love, the life of their bodies, meaning and being,
Curious here behold my resurrection after slumber,
The revolving cycles in their wide sweep having brought me again,
Amorous, mature, all beautiful to me, all wondrous.
My limbs and the quivering fire that ever plays through them, for 

reasons, most wondrous,
Existing I peer and penetrate still,
Content with the present, content with the past,
By my side or back of me Eve following.
Or in front, and I following her just the same. 

Lacoste Short Sleeve Piqué Polo

(William C. Levere, Secretary of The College Reference Bureau, Evanston, Illinois, recently asked President Ellis to make a brief statement of his attitude towards the Greek Letter Fraternities that have existence in so many educational institutions of higher rank. The reply sent is given in full.)

I became a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, early in 1866. Ever since that date, I have felt a special interest in my own fraternity and a general and friendly interest in all organizations of a like character.

The fraternity question, like all other questions, has two sides. Advocates unduly exalt; opponents unduly denounce. “To be or not to be,” is a question which yet includes much debatable territory. While I, with numerous others, recognize the short-comings of the Greek fraternities, as organized and conducted to-day, I also am of opinion that more can be said in their favor than can be said truthfully against them.

In my college days, fraternity life was not expensive. Social activities were not frequent enough to interfere with legitimate college work. Scholarship ranked higher in the estimation of fraternity- members than good clothes and a plethoric pocket-book.

I am free to say that I do not think fraternity life means so much of good to the student now as it did forty years ago; but, perhaps, this view of mine is but another instance where “distance lends enchantment to the view.”

Fraternity life in college was a decided help to me. It prompted me to definite and con-tinued effort to stand well in my classes; it led me to take an active part in the exercises of the college literary society to which I belonged; it made me an embryo student of human nature inasmuch as I was observant of the desirable and undesirable qualities of some of my fellow- students who might be proposed for member-ship in the fraternity to which I belonged; and, finally, but not to exhaust the benefits that might be named, it gave me a congenial body of young associates with whom strong ties of friendship were formed.

Some influences the college fraternity had upon me defy analysis and description. I have always felt that contact with my fellows in the close bonds of the fraternity gave me a feeling that something of worth was expected of me; in other words, that I was expected to “make good” while in college and after leaving col- lege. These impressions and influences can not be described in set forms of speech. They be- come a part of one’s mental being just as assim- ilited food becomes a part of his physical.

Yes, there is good and there is bad connected with everything that is of human origin and under human control, and that Greek fraternity is no exception to that rule. Were every church member to live up to his obligation and opportunity, the world would be a better place to live in than it is and church membership would mean more to the individual and the community- than it does. The church is not to be judged by the shortcomings of some of its members, but by the united and uplifting influences it brings to bear upon its membership and the outside world in vital touch with it. That some fraternity members regard their obligations as such with indifference — that there are some black sheep in the fraternity fold — is no reason why reasonable people who desire to be just should indulge in indiscriminate, whole-sale denunciation of the college fraternities. These organizations are here, and they are here to stay, and the act of wisdom, on the part of all directly and indirectly concerned, is to emphasize their many excellencies and make persistent and successful effort to eliminate their objectionable features.