5 Crazy Things To Do At A Guns and Roses Reunion Show

Guns and Roses are back together again. Skeptical? That’s probably why they are calling it the Not in This Lifetime Tour.

It’s true, my rocker friend. Here they are working out at kinks at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.

Wowsers. Axl looks a little thicker, but the sound is still there.

To help you plan ahead on reliving your wild rocker past, here are 5 crazy things to do at the show in your area.

1. Attempt to jump on the speaker stack to dance wildly, only to stop when your hip pops.

2. Put your date on your shoulders so she can see better, and then realize you can only hold her for 27 seconds before your ankles give out.

3. Take selfies to show your kids you are still cool, finding out later you had the camera backwards and took shots of the fans behind you.

4. Take binoculars to catch the action up close, especially when you are in the third row with fading eyesight.

5. Dive off the stage, hitting the ground with a thud because all the old people your age would not catch you.

Have fun out there!

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Kanye is $53 Million in Debt? Nah

People are perturbed!

People are upset!

They are beside themselves with the news that Kanye West is more than $50 million in debt.

I just had several conversations online with otherwise smart people who are not happy about this.

They say that it shows no matter how much money you have, if you have more than $50 million in debt, you have not managed your finances responsibly.

And you should pay the consequences.


Do you really think that Kanye West is more than $53 million in debt?

No. He’s not.

He said that he was, he tweeted that he was, at the exact same time that his new music, The Life of Pablo, came out on the market.

I’ve heard the album, and it is very good, not near as good as his earlier work like “College Dropout” and “Late Registration.”

I don’t think he’s come close to these albums with his latest work.

However, what he’s even better at than music is working the media, working controversy, working the news cycle — as he has many times admitted that he’s doing.

If you want to verify that, check out The Jimmy Kimmel show episode where he says, “I’m playing the media more than they’re playing me.”

Is Kanye really $53 million dollars in debt? As long as the current news cycle lasts, anyway. But after that? Nah.

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Do You Remember? The Passing of Maurice White

One of the best aspects of coming of age in the 70s was there weren’t cameras everywhere to record various petty crimes.

Wait, that’s not what I meant.

One of the best parts of growing up in the 70s was the quality and variety of music (and let’s be honest, some terrible as well). We used to buy records at Target for a few bucks. This was back before Target sold designer garden tools and hip clothes hangers.

In one record haul, I’d have heavy metal, funk, folk rock, hard rock, pop and soul albums. I bought as many funk and R&B albums as rock music.

One of my favorite bands was Earth, Wind and Fire. I remember going to see them in 1978 at Iowa State University. It was a crazy great show, and it lasted so long I couldn’t believe it. If only I could last that long.

So it was sad to hear about the passing of Maurice White. It’s amazing how one person and one group can make such an impact on the world. Thanks, Maurice.

Did Taylor Swift Have Some Gas Problems at the 2015 Video Music Awards?

Fans react to the suggestion by media outlets that Taylor Swift had some audible gas problems on the 2015 Video Music Awards telecast.

LOC - 1930s -1940s - Sailor at the Naval Air Base wears the new type protective clothing and gas mask designed for use in 2179222002
Courtesy Library of Congress

I didn’t notice a thing. I was in the front row.

-Johnny, 24


LOC - 1930s -1940s - War production workers at the Heil Company making gasoline trailer tanks for the U.S. Army Air Corps 2178448403
Courtesy Library of Congress

I was there and didn’t smell a thing.

-Helen, 25


Courtesy SMU Central University Libraries via Flickr Commons
Courtesy SMU Central University Libraries via Flickr Commons

I tracked the reported fumes over a 3 block area. They barely registered on the gasograph. I think the media exaggerated it.

-Helen, 47

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5 Ways 50 Cent Fooled Us All Into Believing He Was Rich

50 Cent is declaring bankruptcy. What? The guy who made a jillion dollars as a rapper and businessman?

Yup. He says he is really broke, and the wealth was all a facade. Here are some of the ways he fooled us all.

Toy Cars Photography

50 Cent took pictures of toy cars and then blew up the photos the size of the wall in his garage. Then his photog took pictures of him standing in front of the photos.

Sugar Bling

Most of the jewelty Fitty wears is made of sugar and cookie dough. After he wears a piece, he breaks it apart and eats it.


Many of his Instagram pictures shows him with packs of expensive purebreed dogs. He later disclosed the dogs are holograms.

Hot Ladies

A rich rapper is bound to have hot ladies around, wouldn’t you agree? Fitty says the women in his videos and social media posts are eight of his cousins and one sister.

Reality Hotel

What about the houses? Well, the houses he shows all the time are actually hotels throughout the world. All his videos show him landing in a helicopter (rented) as if he is arriving home. In reality, he is landing in the front yard of luxury hotels, taking off again before security can grab him.