Mr. Jewison, You Have A Guest

According to the Internet Movie Database, Ted Neeley “almost missed out on being cast in Jesus Christ Superstar (1973). After inviting director Norman Jewison to see him in a matinee performance of the Who’s “Tommy”, he was injured during a show just prior to the one Jewison had bought a ticket to see. He recovered in time for the next show; immediately following this, he drove from Los Angeles to Jewison’s hotel in Palm Springs…dressed up as “Jesus Christ.” (Norman was leaving for Israel soon thereafter, to shoot the movie.) Not only did Jewison accept his explanation and apology, he gave him the title role in said film.”

I would have liked to see the face of the desk clerk when Ted walked up to locate Mr. Jewison.

“Mr. Jewison, this is the front desk. You have a guest in the lobby for you.”

“Yes, who is it?”

“It’s Jesus Christ.”