5 Signs You Are Going To Be A Huge Success In Life

Success may seem to be random, but there are clear early indicators that you are going to be very successful in life or not. Here are five:

Monopoly Wiz

At 10 years old, you won every game of Monopoly you played, never stooping to bat the board across the room in frustration, sending game pieces flying.

Wheelie Bird

You were able to do bike wheelies much faster and better than your friends, often going a block or more until you crashed into the Dexter family’s mailbox.

Little Wonder

You were the best player on your Little League team, often scoring 40 or 50 runs a game.

Love Skillz

Nationaal Archief - Zoenende Carnavalsgangers  Kissing during Mardi Gras 5452745211
Courtesy Nationaal Archief via Flickr Commons

You were the first kid in your school to kiss a girl who wasn’t your sister or a cousin.

High School Star

You lettered in three sports in high school, played in the band at half time, and sold T-shirts in the parking lot before the game.