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Are You Guys Deaf?

I recently saw the Adventure Capitalists show on CNBC. Interesting:

Company: Our brand is targeting the affluent, high end market.

Potential Investor 1: I love your product, but you are missing the general market.

Company: Exactly, we are targeting the high end market. Were you listening to my pitch?

Potential Investor 2: It’s a great product, but you seem to be missing most of the market.

Company: As I said, it’s a high-end brand. Are you guys deaf?

Potential Investor 3: Wow, great product, love it! But I don’t think the average consumer in this market will be interested.

Company: We don’t want the general market. We have a laser focus on a specific niche, you know, like every successful new business. Were you playing Angry Birds during my pitch?

Investors: Sorry, we don’t see you can reach the average guy in this market. No investment today from us.

Company: Cool. How about I start a business to help people with their listening skills.

5 TV Shows On The Chopping Block This Season

Courtesy Florida Memory
Courtesy Florida Memory

Sadly, there are several TV shows that are a hare’s whisker from being cancelled. The days are numbered for:

Rum Rollers

The Depression-era drama about rum runners using roller skates to escape the law didn’t roll well with viewers.

You’ve Got Cataracts

A heart-warming rom-sitcom about a divorced eye doctor and one of his patients is on life support.

Midwestern Pasty

This reality show offered a lifetime spray tan membership to one of 12 overly pasty contestants in Chicago, but the show will be cancelled before the winner is announced.

Index Card Killer

A drama about a serial killer who finishes off his victims with the sharp edge of brand new index cards. It didn’t catch on with viewers and will be killed off in two weeks.

Disenfectant House

TV fans turned up their noses to this reality show pitting college dorms against each other in a contest of which is more filthy, grimy and bacteria-ridden.

Producer Fired From “The View” After Heated Words With Rosie

Image Courtesy The British Library


News reports today say a longtime “The View” producer was fired after getting in shouting matches with one of the stars of the show, Rosie O’Donnell, before Ms. O’Donnell left the show earlier this year to be with her family.

Apparently, there was ongoing tension between the two that finally bubbled into a shouting match, and the producer was suspended and ultimately let go. However, it also happened at about the time that Rosie O’Donnell was leaving the show anyway to spend more time with her family and focus on her kids.

At the same time, a unrelated freelance web developer in Colorado also got into a shouting match with a coworker. The web developer, who works alone out of the loft of her cabin in the mountains near the town of Frisco, got into a spat with her cat calypso.

Calypso had been acting up for several weeks and the tension had been building. It came to a head when the cat decided to jump on the web developer’s head as she entered the kitchen. The cat had to leap 6 to 7 feet from the top of the fridge to the top of her head.

In the ensuing shock and surprise, the web developer shrieked and spun around several times sending the cat into the brand-new flatscreen TV. The impact knocked the TV into a brand-new $2000 painting she bought on a ski trip to Breckenridge earlier this year.

The web developer scolded the act with angry words. Calypso acted as if it was all in good fun, and the web developer owner was taking it much too seriously.

“I am sorry that the TV smashed the painting,” said Calypso. “But here’s the thing. We are all in this cabin all alone all the time and we never go outside. Even in the summer. I did the refrigerator jumping stunt as a way to liven things up around here. Life is short. In other words, it’s not my fault.”

The web developer countered that Calypso never takes the blame for anything. In fact, she said the cat is an expert at pretending that nothing actually happened at all.

The owner said that she was thinking about firing Calypso and bringing in some new talent. However, at press time Calypso was seen laughing at this, as she knows the owner will always keep her around despite her shenanigans.