Get Wild at New Summer Camps for Adults

A recent trend of summer camps for adults has emerged in the last few years. They allow adults to remember the fun and carefree days of their summer camps as kids, but have an adult flavor. Here are some of the theme adult summer camps you can expect to see.

Camp Plastic Surgery

Combining the fun of summer camp with the undeniable advantages of plastic surgery, at the end of this camp you’ll have relived the fun days of canoeing and horseback riding while taking 30 years off off your face.

Camp Regret

At Camp Regret, campers will be able to do one activity that they regret not having done when they were a kid. Activities include stealing a car, telling off your homeroom teacher and skipping the SAT test.

Camp Senior Prom

Senior prom provides campers with a weeklong senior prom that includes all of the alcohol, needless drama and horrible results of the first prom.

Camp Computer

This camp will attempt to introduce adults to all of the concepts that their kids learned about computers in one day. The 30 day long camp will cover basics such as texting, Facebook and other concepts they seemingly cannot understand. Courses will be taught by nine-year-olds.

Camp TV

This camp is unique in that it does not actually attempt to offer anything different than what the campers were doing every day anyway, namely, watching TV, eating Cheetos and complaining about the local news coverage.

Camp Rover

Camp Rover is geared toward adults who get along with dogs much more than the humans in their lives. It gives them a week of fun in the great outdoors with their favorite pet, far away from annoying neighbors, friends and family that make life so frustrating.

Camp Denial

Camp Denial features specially trained counselors that continually tell campers they look good, and have never looked better, no matter how bad the camper actually looks, or may in fact be going downhill on a daily basis.

These are just a few of the adult camps you’ll be aware choose from this summer. Don’t be afraid to start your own summer camp for adults if you don’t find one that meets your needs. I’m talking to you, Camp Road Rage.