He Loves Trains! Or Does He?

When I showed my friend the “Excited Train Guy” video, he said, “Fake!”

Ah, you’re no fun.

Good call, it’s a fake.

Here CNN’s Jeanne Moos reporting on the “excited train guy” gag.

He created the video partly to promote his railroad tours:


He was inspired to create it when he saw this REAL train enthusiast (called FOAMERS) go crazy on this video:

He watched that video 10 times before he created the fake.

Best line: “The chills I’m feeling have nothing to do with the air temperature! Woo hoo!”

By the way, here is the “Double Rainbow” guy they mentioned in the CNN story. At one point, he starts laughing/weeping.

Best line: “What does it mean? (Sobbing) What does it mean?”