Couple Wins Lottery Three Times in One Month

A couple in Virginia won the lottery three times in March 2014.

First, they won $1 million in the Powerball lottery.

Two weeks later they grabbed $50,000 by nailing a Pick 4. The very next day, they bookended the first $1 million with another $1 million from a Scratcher.

Some people are just lucky?

On the way home from picking up the second million dollars, the couple turned off the freeway minutes before there was a 1000-car pile-up.

Later they stopped for lunch at a McDonald’s. Five minutes after getting back on the road, the McDonald’s was destroyed by a meteorite.

Halfway back to their hometown, they found an entire river town covered in 10 feet of water. No cars could get through. As they started to turn back, a gentleman with long hair and a staff stretched out his arms, and the river parted itself. They were able to get home in time for Wheel of Fortune.

Pulling into their neighborhood, they noticed a strange van in front of their house. The husband was getting ready to call the cops when a group of people burst from the van with a huge bouquet of balloons and a giant check for $10 million. They were the latest winners in the Publishers Clearinghouse Giveaway.

Later that night, with the giant check leaning up against the fireplace, the husband said, “Mama, we sure are lucky.”

“You got that right, Papa,” she said. “Praise the Lord.”

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