Crazy Cashiers: Hungry Man Dinners and Doughnuts

14757642246_2a5f6edb84_o- man-woman-groceries

“Oh, what do we have here? Hungry Man dinners? Wow, so you really like these, huh? I find they I’m still hungry after I eat these!”

I suddenly realized I had one of those cashiers who likes to comment on all the customer purchases making their way through her checkout lane. I don’t know if they are socially unaware or just bored.

“Doughnuts! I love me some doughnuts, too! You should try the doughnut holes they have on sale back there,” she said. “The trouble with those is before you know it, you’ve had 24 of them!” she laughed, throwing her head back, still dragging items across the scanner. Bleep. Bleep.

“Woah, somebody like their pasta!” she said loudly. Several people in other lines turned around to look. “You know what I do? I cook a big pot of pasta on Sunday, and then add different vegetables every night of the week. You should try it!”

She seemed to be yelling now. I looked at her closely to get a clear picture. Next time I’ll cut my wrists with one of the steak knives on sale before I get in her line again.

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