Crazy Fun Facts About University of Minnesota Football

The University of Minnesota started their football program in 1882, one of the first programs of the era. To give you some reference, Ohio State started playing in 1890 and Iowa stated in 1889. 1882 was also the year Polygamy was made a felony by the US Congress.

“Mary, Edna, Berniece, Lisa, Jessica…I have some bad news. There are going to be some layoffs.”

The Golden Gophers played their first football game against Hamline University in 1882, winning 4-0. Hamline is unique because it was founded in 1854, and was co-educational from the beginning, which was rare for colleges of the era. This was very good for football recruiting.

“Wait, coach you got girls up there at Hamline??!! Sign me up right now.”

Minnesota has won seven national championships, first in 1904 and the latest in 1960. That’s an amazing record. They also hold the record for people wearing multiple pairs of long underwear to stay warm at home games.

“The last home game I wore 52 pairs of long underwear, 31 pairs of socks and 47 t-shirts. We won the game, but I couldn’t move, so they carried me to my car using a crane normally used to lift steel girders for new office buildings in downtown Minneapolis.”

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