Crazy People Called To “Come on Down” on the Price is Right

People have a wide variety of styles when they find out the have been asked to “come on down” on the Price is Right:

The Crier

Begins sobbing immediately. Walks slowly, head in hands, crying the whole way.

The Stoic

Walks steady, shows no emotion.

The Politician

High fives EVERYBODY, including people in the coffee shop across the street.

The Vogue

Strikes a pose every 5 steps.

The “Who, me?” Kid

They look shocked while pointing to themselves, then collapse in place, wasting ten minutes of time.

The Assumptive Strategist

Acts like they knew they were going to get picked. “Just part of my plan,” they say to themselves.

The Stop/ Starter

Gets down to their spot, then walks away again to slap hands, comes back, repeats several times.

The Spring

Begins jumping up and down in victory. Pogos all the way down the ramp.

The Hugger

Never actually made it to the front line, still hugging people right now.

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