Crazy True Facts About Oklahoma Sooners Football

The Oklahoma Sooners football program began in 1895. Other milestones from that year include the opeining of the US Mint, the first street car in Los Angeles and the birth of Larry King.

The Sooners were playing football 12 years before Oklahoma became a state in 1907. It feels like the TV show Survivor has been on the air since 1907.

The Sooners have captured the National Championship 7 times, the Conference Championship 44 times and the longest alumni RV championship 39 times in a row.

Oklahoma’s first official coach was a modern language professor. He made the quarterback make calls at the line of scrimmage in Latin like a Catholic priiest. “Aperi iure, set unum, red quadrpes, hut, hut, hut.”

Oklahoma is unique in that no other program can boast they have 4 coaches with over 100 wins. That’s partly because the Sooners also play more games than other teams. In addition to college games, they play in the high school league and two pee wee football leagues where they remain undefeated. One running back is still living down the fact that he was once brought down by a 10-year-old who tied his shoes together at the line of scrimmage.

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