Crazy True Things You Should Know About Texas Tech Football

Texas Tech Red Raiders play at Jones AT&T Stadium in the town of Lubbock, Texas which is in the an area known as the Llano Estacado, which is Spanish for “2 days drive to civilization.”

In 1925, Texas Tech, then known as the Matadors, played their first game. The school was so small, each student was asked to play 10 downs on offense and 10 downs on defense. 5 students made up the marching band, with 1 student tripling up on Tuba, French Horn and Trombone.

In 2002, Kliff Kingsbury set an NCAA league record for the most plays in one season with a total of 814. He was able to keep going game after game following a secret diet of coffee, Pop Rocks, skittles, and Texas Toast. His energy and stamina levels were so high on this diet, he was able to get a job broadcasting the game while he played it. A special mike was set up in his helmet and he called the plays as they unfolded.

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