Deer Head Trophy Store Opens In Tallahassee

Courtesy Florida Memory
Courtesy Florida Memory


A new deer head trophy store opened in Tallahassee, Florida. I spoke with Danby Ewbank, the store owner and manager.

“Mr. Ewbank, what is this store all about?”

“The Deer Head Trophy Shop sells deer head trophies to hunters.”

“You mean you do taxidermy work for hunters who bring in deer.”

“No, we just sell the trophies. You don’t have to kill nothin’.”

“You mean hunters can come in and buy a deer head trophy, and make up the story about how they bagged it.”

“Well, we don’t know if they make up a story or not. It’s none of our business. Deer hunting is tough. The season is short, the weather is bad, and a hunter may go many years before capturing a decent trophy. We eliminate all those hassles, and just provide the trophy itself.”

“Well, isn’t that cheating? Don’t they just lie about how they tracked the deer for days, and then snagged it with a vintage bow made out of the thigh bone of a moose, firing arrow after arrow from a custom quiver as they ran after it through the woods?”

“We don’t make judgements on how it is presented. We just sell the trophies.”


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