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Dog Stretches Out Body To Smell Area Outside Reach of Leash

A local dog was seen stretching his body to the breaking point to smell a patch of ground just beyond the reach of his leash.

The owner was walking the dog along a neighborhood street, and the dog was seen stopping occasionally to sniff the grass of area lawns.

At the corner of Main St. and Smith Avenue, the dog became particularly interested in a scent near the home on the northwest corner and stepped onto the lawn for further investigation.

At this point, the owner held the dog back with the leash, holding him to about the length of his body from the sidewalk.

The dog insisted on pursuing the scent and dug into the grass with all four paws, straining mightily and stretching out his body like a plank.

In a follow up interview with reporters, the man said he thought the dog might have detected a dead body in the bushes near the home’s porch, as the dog was so emphatic in following the scent.

After what seemed like an eternity, really only about 10 seconds, the dog gave up and the walk continued.

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