The Edible Wedding Dress

Cake sculptor Sylvia Elba from Britain has created a wedding dress that is in fact a cake weighing 150 pounds. Dubbed “The Weddible Dress,” it is completely edible. Made from 1000 sheets of wafer paper, more than 75 pounds of fondant and five pounds of cake lace, it has a full length-skirt and lots of detail.

I spoke with Jose Francaffeine, a wedding and chocolate expert about the dress. “It’s beautiful, but every woman knows shoes are the most important thing. This dress needs a great pair of shoes.”

He broke out a stylish pair of women’s shoes he had designed completely from chocolate. Branded as ‘ChocoPumps,’ Jose said, “These shoes can be made in white chocolate to match a traditional wedding dress, or any other color a customers wants for their special day.

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