Family Dog Emerges From Pile of Leaves Three Years Later

Pudgie, a local pitbull/chihuahua mix breed family dog went berserk three years ago. As his family raked leaves during a crisp, sunny Saturday in the fall, Pudgie ran around like a crazy person.

“We’d throw an acorn in these giant piles of leaves over here,” the father of the family said. “He’d run in there at full speed. Then he’d root around a bit and then come running out at full speed. We’d laugh all afternoon watching this.”

They were laughing pretty good until Pudgie went in the biggest pile and didn’t come out. “We didn’t know what happened,” said the mother. “He was just gone. We gave up searching the pile after two days.”

Sad news turned happy when Pudgie came running out of a pile the family had just gathered this past week at their home in Toledo, Ohio. “He ran out like he’s only been gone a few minutes!” said the son.

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