Before They Were Famous: Lady Gaga Plays Baseball

Before Lady Gaga was famous, she briefly considered a baseball career. Music was getting on her nerves after years of practice and dedication.



“Daddy, I want to play baseball!” Gaga said one day. “I’m tired of music.”



“No, Gaga, it’s not right for you. You are an artist, not a sports lady!”



But Gaga insisted. One day she came home with a bat, ball and glove.” Teach me baseball, Daddy!” she said.



“OK, if it will get it out of your system. Here comes the pitch!”



“You missed it, Gaga!”



Eventually she got better and joined the team. Uh oh, it’s her first time at bat!



Boom! All that work with Pops paid off!



Look at Dad cheering! Too bad he was right all along. She only played the rest of the year and then concentrated on her music. If only she had stayed in baseball.





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