Famous Quotes These People Actually Never Said

Social media is full of dumb, inspirational and funny quotes from a a variety of famous people from the past and present. Sadly, many of those quotes were never uttered by the person they attribute them to. Here are seven examples.

“A stick of butter in your pants makes every trail ride a might bit smoother.”

– John Wayne never said it

“Gyyyyyyyossssssssshhhhhhhhhhh! I can see my house burning down from up here! What the heck is going on down there?”

– Neil Armstrong never said it

“If you eat some snakeskin and gunpowder before every game, you’ll get ten more yards on long fly balls.”

– Willie Mays never said it

“You know what I like after a long day? Betting on the horses online.”

– Ghandi never said it

“I invented the heart-shaped waffle.”

– Al Gore never said it

“Elementary school kids should not be seen or heard.”

– Sherlock Holmes never said it

“Would you like fries with that?”

– Voltaire never said it

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