The Godz – Gotta Keep A Runnin’ to the Bank

The Godz were an Ohio-based rock band who had a couple hits in the 70s from their debut album “The Godz,” including “Gotta Keep a Runnin.”

One of the band members worked at a bank at the time called BancOne.

BancOne should have used their music in their TV ads.

lol BancOne should have used their music in the ads.

Video: The Godz ride through Columbus on their motorcycles and pull up to an ATM.

Voiceover: “Are you a rock and roll machine driving all over town? You gotta keep a running with BancOne’s handy ATM machines located everywhere you go.”

Video: Band members roll down High Street past Ohio State and into the distance.

The Godz “Gotta Keep a Runnin'” rises during outro.

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