Golfer Moves Into Driving Range Shed

scene00856-golfer at driving range with head


A local golfer spent so much time at the driving range he decided to move in. The man was found in a little used shed which he had wired with electricity and plumbing.

“He said he came to the driving range to get some time away from his family,” the police chief explained. “He loved it so much here, he decided to move into the shed.”

The driving range is a large operation with dozens of tees. “It is usually so busy here, it would be easy for him to go unnoticed for a long time,” said the range manager. “He just kept to himself, hit balls and plotted his shed escape plan.”

The man had a small bed in the shed along with a flat screen TV, small stove and a computer full of golf swing training videos he downloaded from the Golf Channel.

“I saw that guy here a lot,” said one golfer. “He had a great swing. Couldn’t putt worth beans, though.”







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