High School Senior Creates Fakes Story He Made $72 Milllion Trading Stocks

Recently New York magazine reported a high school senior at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan made $72 million trading stocks. The story went viral and was reported by news outlets around the world. Last night the student and his friend confessed the whole story was faked.

Fake news stories are rampant lately. The 24-hour news cycle means news organizations put much more emphasis on speed than accuracy. Here are more news stories that have proven to be faked:

–California is NOT planning on buying giant Velcro strips to keep the state from sliding into the sea after the next great earthquake.

–Democrats are NOT planning to attend Republican strategy sessions to learn how to win elections.

–Sony Pictures is NOT planning to send executives to sensitivity training.

–After a 30-0 loss to the Bengals, the Cleveland Browns are NOT planning to send rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel to the Canadian Football League for 3 players, a case of Molson and a side of Canadian bacon.

–In the area of net neutrality, cable companies were NOT secretly approved for special high speed Internet lanes for cat videos.

–Chris Christie will NOT rebut claims he is a Dallas Cowboys fan with his own book, “Me and MetLife Stadium – A Love Affair.”

–New Yorkers are NOT “going green” by riding kangaroos to work.

–Donald Trump will NOT be suing the media for going a day without his picture being published.

–Facebook will NOT be cutting down on users sending Candy Crush notifications by sending electric shocks to the offenders.

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