How To Become A Highly Paid Local Marketing Consultant

Nantucket Historical Society
Nantucket Historical Society

Local businesses need help with their marketing, yet they can’t afford the services of the top marketing agencies. This is a great opportunity for you to get hired as their marketing consultant. There are several ways to convince them you are the person for the job.

1. Come up with creative marketing ideas on the spot. For example, tell the hot dog cart guy you’ll pull him around town behind your motorcycle every Friday while he free throws hot dogs to the noon-town business crowd on the sidewalks.

2. If the business owner is over 40, stress your experience with old media. If they are under 40, tell them you will create their own app.

3. Stress the art of positioning. That means you create a better lie than the market leaders.

4. Look for creative ways to promote the business. It’s old news to have one of those blow up, dancing man characters on the roof of the business, and rolling billboards are also common now. How about combining them and having a rolling, dancing man touring the city?

5. You can also co-promote local retailers:

– Combine a bowling alley with a bait and tackle shop.

– Do a joint venture with a lingerie shop and a flower store.

– Match the local “Hillary in 2016” campaign with a lie-detection service.

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