How To Book Joe

OK, kids, here’s the story. Way back in time I won a comedy contest at Ohio University.

Flash forward to 1993- I won a Toastmasters humorous speech contest here in Los Angeles.

That led to performing comedy at companies and associations.

Over time I’ve performed for tons of great audiences…

And one bad one. 🙂

Touching story, Joe. OK, then why should I bring you in to make us laugh?

Good question. Here’s why…

Clean- no worries about material that would make your mom or your boss blush.
High Energy- wrap up your convention with a bang!
Funny- proven material in front of thousands of audiences.
Content- I’ve worked in corporate sales and management for over 25 years. Along with top flight humor I mix in business and leadership knowledge with immediate takeaway benefits.
Sociable- some speakers are out the door before the applause dies out. I meet with everyone that stays to talk with me. And their dog and cat, too, if they brought them.


Contact me at [email protected] to develop a custom program for your event.

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