How To Take An Alaskan Adventure Tour

If you’ve ever dreamed of going on an Alaskan Adventure Tour but didn’t know how to get started, this might be the most important thing you read today.

Alaska is one of the most exciting places on Earth. America’s 5th state, it features stunning scenery, breathtaking natural resources and wild animals like the beavosk, marsupitan and moosule.

Getting There


Your Alaskan travel adventure starts with the long train ride from Seattle all the way to Juneau! We recommend the third car back to minimize sway. You’ll also find gunny sacks left behind by previous travelers you can huddle under to stave off the frigid cold. No scrounging for warmth!

Rustic Cabin In The Woods


Here is a photo of one of the rustic cabins you’ll sleep in during your stay. You may have to remove some bodies of previous adventurers if they didn’t make it. Don’t worry, with luck you’ll all survive and have the story of a lifetime!

Ghost Ship


Try taking a cruise on one of the classic gold-mining “ghost ships” that used to take gold prospectors from their claims to the market in town. Wild Jonah Kenton put a hex on every ghost ship after he was denied boarding in 1815 due to his peculiar body odor. To this day, 75 percent of the trips end up at the bottom of the bay. Dress warmly, but be ready to swim!

Native Customs


One of the interesting things about Alaska is you can learn native customs from ancient tribes. The Intuit Turbotaxian tribe has been the brains behind some of the world’s most software popular products since Bill Gates earned his first billion. Learn to code PHP, Ruby on Rails, or C++ directly from a native programmer!

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