How Insecure People Try To Seem Like A Big Deal

Insecure people are annoying. They are always trying to “big-up” around you. Watch out for these three ways insecure people try to seem like a bigger deal than they really are.

Act Like They Are in a Hurry

Sure, sometimes you are in a real rush. And nobody likes a dawdler, the type that slowly strolls across the street at a crosswalk while you wait to make a turn. But insecure people act like they are ALWAYS in a rush. Moving the trash cans out to the curb, standing in line at McDonald’s or walking down the hall at work, they move double-fast, not because they actually need to be somewhere, they just want you to think that.

Talk Loudly

Insecure people talk loudly to appear important. Often they turn on their speakerphone while on a call so the whole world can hear the entire conversation. Do they let the other person know the whole Coffee Bean can hear their conversation? No.

Fake Instagram Photos

You might say, “Hey, everyone fakes it on Instagram,” and you have a point. But insecure people take it to another level, trying to appear as if they fly around the world on private jets, when in reality they are sitting at the back of coach next to the bathroom.

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