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Internet Goes Crazy Over New Way to Slice Pineapples

The internet teaches us lots of stuff we never knew about before. A new way of slicing pineapples is making the Internet crazy. Comments all over the web sing its praises.


“I love it”

“How come I never knew about this before?”

I talked to Shigeki about the technique.

“Shigeki, tell us about this new way to slice pineapples.”

“Joe, it’s not new. It’s just new to many people. It has been around my country for decades.”

“OK, how does it work?”

“What you do is take the pineapple to the mall and stand on it while you are riding the escalator. When the steps level out to go under the floor, the ridges will slice the pineapple into many pieces. Clean as a whistle.”

“OK, but then you have to eat pineapple slices that have been rolling around on an escalator at the mall.”

“Just rinse them off,” Shigeki said. “Like your Mom used to tell you.”

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