Jack Nicklaus Used the Same 3-Wood For 37 Years

Did you know Jack Nicklaus relied on the same 1958 MacGregor 693 3-wood for every major championship and all 73 PGA wins he racked up? He said it was not only the most reliable golf club he had, it was the most reliable thing he ever owned. He used that same club to:


Prop up the wobbly dining room table back in Columbus.


Clear weeds off that little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street.

Baseball Bat

Bat newspapers out of the air thrown by the paper boy every morning.

Product Picker

Knock stuff off the shelves into his cart at the grocery store.

Jerk Stick

Tap people on the shoulder at the movies to tell them to shut the heck up.

Road Weapon

As a backup weapon for any road rage incidents.

Drying Rack

A portable golf glove drying rack while on the road at tournaments.

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