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Lie Down on The Ground and Start Screaming

A tarantuala hawk wasp hunts tarantulas.

In a gruesome video posted online by Bill Supulski, he captures a tarantula hawk dragging a tarantula, who is three or four times her size, back to her burrow.

You see, the tarantula hawk doesn’t kill at first sting. Oh, no.

It paralyzes the victim, but does not kill it. Then she drags it back to her burrow, lays an egg on it, and when the baby tarantula hawk emerges, it has a fresh meal…THAT IS STILL ALIVE.

Nothing you watch on Netflix this week will equal that in sheer terror.

Well, maybe if you watch Adam Sandler’s debut movie “Going Overboard.”

I know what you are thinking.

“Wh-wh-what happens if I-I-I-I get stung by a tarantula hawk wasp???????”

Well, you probably won’t get dragged back to a burrow to get eaten. Especially if you were on Biggest Loser and gained all your weight back.

But, it hurts like all hell.

And, expert Ben Hutchins of Texas Park and Wildlife explained to Wired magazine, you lose much of your physical and verbal abilities, so your best bet is to lie down as soon as possible and simply scream out in agony from the pain.

Tarantula Wasp courtesy USFWS via Flickr
Tarantula Wasp courtesy USFWS via Flickr

No, not kidding.

Just practice on an Adam Sandler movie.


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