Kanye is $53 Million in Debt? Nah

People are perturbed!

People are upset!

They are beside themselves with the news that Kanye West is more than $50 million in debt.

I just had several conversations online with otherwise smart people who are not happy about this.

They say that it shows no matter how much money you have, if you have more than $50 million in debt, you have not managed your finances responsibly.

And you should pay the consequences.


Do you really think that Kanye West is more than $53 million in debt?

No. He’s not.

He said that he was, he tweeted that he was, at the exact same time that his new music, The Life of Pablo, came out on the market.

I’ve heard the album, and it is very good, not near as good as his earlier work like “College Dropout” and “Late Registration.”

I don’t think he’s come close to these albums with his latest work.

However, what he’s even better at than music is working the media, working controversy, working the news cycle — as he has many times admitted that he’s doing.

If you want to verify that, check out The Jimmy Kimmel show episode where he says, “I’m playing the media more than they’re playing me.”

Is Kanye really $53 million dollars in debt? As long as the current news cycle lasts, anyway. But after that? Nah.

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