Lab Studies Local Man’s Guest Towels

Scientist tests local man's guest towels
Scientist tests local man’s guest towels

A local lab is testing some guest towels a local man never seems to throw in the laundry. The towels seem to have stiffened over time. The lab is checking for a wide variety of germs and viruses that may taken harbor in the towels.

“The towels are from a popular department store and come in a variety of colors,” Dr. Stephacoccus from the lab commented. “We have a complete battery of tests we are running to determine the status of these cloths.”

“Well, I try to remember to throw them in the laundry,” the man said. “But I always remember when I get back and walk in the bathroom and there they are.”

“It will take several weeks to get the results back,” the doctor continued. “Depending on the results, we will be in touch with authorities.”

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