Local Man Livestreams Entire Life On Periscope and Meerkat

Javier Lifinpicturs is livestreaming every minute of his existence with a battery of smartphones. Each is logged on to Periscope Facebook Live or Meerkat, popular livestreaming applications.

With 200 or so smartphones and mobile devices spread throughout his house, car and office, he claims to be the first universal-livestreamer. “No one has done it to this level before,” Javier explained. “I’m setting the bar for real-time livestreaming of every second of my life. Even shows like Big Brother have down moments when they are away from the camera. Here you can be by my side every second.”

Mr. Lifinpicturs started the project after quitting his job as a zoological assistant at the National Zoo. He said he got the idea from watching how people filmed the animals all day.

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