Make No Mistake – Braddock Is In Charge Around Here

pd - animals - dog - internet archive - Image from page 46 of The new book of the dog  a comprehensive natural history of British dogs and t 14763609195

This is Braddock. Braddock runs things around here. Remember that.

When someone comes to the door, Braddock will bark louder than a U2 concert in 1995 at the Meadowlands. He will rush to the door to see who it is, crashing through anyone standing in the way, making sure he puts his stamp of approval on the visitor before they enter.

You call that dinner? It’s only dinner when Braddock is ready to eat. Don’t even think about making him sit for some scraps. You cook for him, not the other away around.

Listen, Bub! Braddock needs his sleep. If you interrupt his sleep on the couch, there will be hell to pay.

Just remember this simple rule: Braddock is in charge around here.




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