Man Breaks Unspoken Rule Not To Bring Problem Dog to Dog Park

An area man terrorized dog owners and their pets at a local dog park earlier this week. His Rottweiler mix insisted on running directly into other packs of dogs, making smaller dogs yipe and larger dogs growl.

“This is a community dog park,” said a yogurt shop owner from the neighborhood. “Everyone knows you can only bring your dog here if it gets along with other dogs. One jerk dog ruins it for all dogs.”

The man seemed not to notice that his dog was being a problem, upsetting both dogs and their owners at the same time. “He’s spirited, he is,” the man smiled and laughed, “He’s always bin dat way. He jus’ luvs life.”

Many dog owners called their dogs in, leashed them and left the park, casting dirty looks back at the Rottweiler owner.

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