Man Finds Human Head In Vegetable Crisper

A man found a human head in his vegetable crisper yesterday. I called to find out how this happened.

“How did a human head get in your refrigerator?”

“I have no idea. It was in the crisper drawer. I never open the crisper.”

“So how did you find it.”

“Well, you could see something was in there because the floor piece of the fridge is translucent. I thought it was a big onion. I didn’t open it up with the head in there because I never open that drawer. Usually stuff is in there for 11 or 12 months before I just toss it.”

“Alright, are you just going to toss this head?”

“I think I better call the police and tell them. Maybe they have a special phone line with instructions on what to do.”

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