Man Gets His Own Coffee At Local Diner

Image Courtesy DEXTRA Photo of Norway via Flickr Commons
Image Courtesy DEXTRA Photo of Norway via Flickr Commons

A man got up from his chair at a local diner today and got his own coffee from the machine against the wall. As soon as he finished pouring the cup, his waitress came around the corner from the kitchen and caught him in the act.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she said. “You can’t do that!”

The man hurried back to his seat as the waitress continued to berate him loudly.

“I tried to wave her down several times,” he told people eating at the tables nearby. “She ignored me time after time. Finally, I saw the machine against the wall, and I just decided to get up and get it myself when she was in the kitchen.”

The man claims to be a regular at the diner and is often seen eating breakfast there before he leaves for his job as a construction foreman at a nearby site. He regularly meets his construction coworkers for a full meal including coffee.

“We are here all the time,” said the man. “There’s no reason for her to ignore us because we always tip decent and are regular customers.”

The waitress was not persuaded by his statements. “Nobody, and I mean nobody, gets their own coffee when I’m on the job,” she said. “Hey, I don’t come down to their construction site and start carrying tools around do I?”

The man sipped his coffee a few times, paid and left.

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