Man In Yellow Coat Always Asked To Direct Cars In Parking Lots

man in yellow coatJohn Zlotskerpan of Coshocton, Ohio was surprised when his wife bought him a bright yellow coat for Christmas two years ago. “I’ve always wanted a bright yellow winter coat,” he said. “And dang, if she wasn’t paying attention, because when I unwrapped the box that morning, there it was.”

Mr. Zlotskerpan’s enthusiasm soon turned to dread, however. Everywhere he walked, from downtown areas of major cities to every event he attended, parking lot managers started yelling at him to quit goofing off and get to work directing cars.

“I love the color,” he explained. “It reminds me of Easter. But these guys thought I worked at the parking lots, and yelled at me to start waving cars in. It was crazy.”

Currently, he is weighing his choices. “Either I can make the jacket a different color, or I can stay home!” he laughed, hitting his wife in the side which made her giggle.

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