Crazy People: Miss Officious

I pulled my bike over to a safe spot off the road near OSU yesterday. Checking my phone under a bright blue sky, I noticed a car slowing to a stop as it turned in a driveway behind me leading to athletic fields.

I turned to look. A lady rolled down her window, peering at me through large sunglasses, saying slowly in a scolding tone, “That’s a bad place to stand!”

Huh? Who are you? Mind your own business, you nut. I’ve always been amused by dorks who feel they must advise everyone in their path how to live their lives. They rush around, acting as self-appointed busy bodies to save the rest of us.

My “Word a Day” email came in this morning with the perfect word: “Officious: Excessively eager in offering unwanted or unneeded advice or help.”

Suddenly Miss Officious realized the the GoPro on my helmet was recording away.

“You’ll have to delete that!” she said. “It’s my right!”

“Actually, you are wrong. You have no right to privacy in public,” I said. “But thanks for the unwanted advice!” I smiled. She sped off.

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Joe Ditzel is a keynote speaker, humor writer, and really bad golfer. You can reach him via email at [email protected] as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.