Monkey Takes A Selfie

A rare crested black macaque took some selfies in the middle of the jungle with David Slater’s camera. He says he has the copyright. Wikimedia says the monkey does and will not take down the photos from their Commons. Mr. Slater has filed an official notice of copyright on each of the images in question.

The monkey is taking full advantage of the publicity surrounding the controversy. He has moved to Los Angeles and was recently seen taking meetings with agents, movie producers and TV executives to review various projects he could star in.

I caught up with the monkey outside Koi. A specialist from the San Diego Zoo acts as his interpreter. I asked him if he sides with the photographer or Wikimedia Commons regarding the copyright.

“It’s not for me to say, dude. I just took the pictures.”

“OK then, can you share your future plans?”

“My people are looking at a lot of ideas from the creative community. It’s wonderful to be in Hollywood and around so many innovative people.”

I asked him if he had found a place to live in town.

“I looked at some short term places at the beach, but I’m more of a jungle guy, so I’m thinking Hollywood Hills or Laurel Canyon.”

“What about the paparazzi? How are you handling the pressure of being in the spotlight.”

“Oh, it’s not hard. Among my monkey friends, I was always the star so I’m used to the attention. That’s what happened with the camera. My buddy found it but I was the one who took the selfies.”

“Now you’ve been linked with some of the biggest stars in the world. So let’s answer the question for everyone at home. Are you single, or off the market.”

“Oh, I’m single. No doubt about it. But with my work schedule, I just haven’t had time to date too much. If you know someone, I’m open to meeting them.

I gave him a couple names just as his entourage hustled him to a waiting limo.

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