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Motivational Quotes

Here are some of the motivational quotes that have kept my spirits up and encouraged me over the years.


two things kept me going - john f kennedy-1280w

There are two things that have kept me going: The love of my family and country. And free Shake Days at In-N-Out.

– John F. Kennedy


when two roads diverge-1280w

When two roads diverge, choose the drive-thru and check your order before you leave.

– Robert Frost


the most difficult thing is the decision-crop-1280w

The most difficult thing is the decision to decide. The rest is peanut butter and jelly on toast.

– Amelia Earhart


avoid the heard-crop

Avoid the heard. Make your own mark. Then sell out and cash in.



keep going round and round-crop-935w

Keep going. Round and round. No matter how long it takes. Round and round. Round and round. And don’t wretch on the people below you.

– Socrates


store away your anger-1017w

Store away your anger, your regret, and your disappointment. Put it away. Then bring it out when they least expect it, and make them pay.

– Claudius



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