Neighbor Dog Gets Tangled in Line

LOC - 1930s -1940s - Street scene, [Mystic, Connecticut]  (LOC) 2179042594

One of the neighbor dogs, Old Poopie, was walking around his yard attached to a line anchored in the ground when he got all tangled up.

The trouble started when he began chasing a cat around the old tree. It was a low-speed chase because the dog thought he could sneak up on the yellow cat, but Mr. Tabby knew he could be out of reach in a flash.

Around and around the old tree they stepped slowly, the dog’s line shortening with each turn. Finally the dog made a desperate shot at the feline prowler, who responded by jumping on the porch with a single bound.

“I had him dead to rights,” said Old Poopie. “The thing is, by the time I leaped I didn’t have enough line, it snagged and I rolled back, getting tangled in the rebound coil.”

Old Poop said he would try again next week, as he has for the last 78 weeks.

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