New Restaurant “Medium” Joins Lively Downtown Scene


A new restaurant called “Medium” is creating a lot of excitement downtown. I spoke with Den Strubbe, the head chef at the trendy eatery.

“Den, what is the meaning behind the name of your new place?”

“We are speeding up the elegant dining experience by cooking every steak medium. It makes things go much faster, allowing us to clear the table and seat more guests. Everybody wins.”

“Wait, what? You cook every steak medium. What if I want rare or well-done?”

“Most of our guests never know the difference. If so, we just make them a new one. It is still faster to start out everyone at medium and deal with the fallout.”

“How can they not tell their rare steak is cooked medium?”

“Oh, they can tell, but by then we’ve sold them a bottle of wine, and most of the time they say, ‘The heck with it. I’ll eat what they sent me. And look at these great steak fries!'”

“Is this even legal?” I asked.

“Is Donald Trump’s hair legal?” Strubbe replied.

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