Next Ice Bucket Challenge To Use Greywater to Help Alleviate Ongoing Drought

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In order to help deal with the ongoing drought in California, The Next “Ice Bucket Challenge” will use greywater, water that is runoff from laundry and shower activities.

“The Ice Bucket Challenge” was a hugely popular activity in social media that raised millions of dollars for ALS. “We know water is a precious resource, especially now said a spokesperson. “For the next challenge we encourage challengers to use greywater.”

“Greywater” is a term associated with all water that comes out of the house after being used for showers, dishwashing and cleaning clothes. Increasing numbers of people are using this water on their lawns, or other secondary uses.

In this case, the water would be used to create the ice for the Ice Bucket Challenge. “We recognize the Challenge uses millions of gallons of water. We just want to make sure it is used in an environmentally friendly way,” the spokesperson said.







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