Outrageous Fun Facts About Mississippi State Bulldog Football

Mississippi State’s football history started in 1895. That was an amazing year. That was the year of the very first commercial movie screening in history.

“It was a Star Wars Prequel called: Yoda – the Teenage Years.”

The Bulldogs were first coached by W.M. Matthews,
who had a one-season career, retiring with no wins and two losses. However, he did come up with the school colors, maroon and white.

“The reason I picked maroon and white,” Mr. Matthews said, “was we lost every game. We were so badly beaten we had blood all over our jerseys, and it blended in nicely with the maroon.”

In 1912, Mississippi appeared in the Bacardi Bowl, their first bowl appearance, which they won 12-0 over Club Atletico de Cuba. It was also the last college football game that awarded 5 points for touchdowns. The next year the score was changed to 6 for scoring a touchdown.

“The reason touchdowns were 5 points was the players weren’t too bright. We figured it was easier to add. But it turns out they didn’t have any problem with 6, also ironically the number of years it took many of them to graduate.”

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