Outrageous Fun Facts About University of Cincinnati Football

The University of Cincinnati started playing football in 1885, making it one of the earliest programs in the country. 1885 was an interesting year — the first cafeteria in the country opened in New York City.

The cafeteria manager explained the menu. “We got your meat loaf, your meat loaf without the meat, and your meat loaf without the loaf.”

They played against Miami in the first in-state intercollegiate game in 1888. A Cincinnati player said, “Miami played well, but they couldn’t run very well in their penny loafers.”

The Cincinnati-Miami rivalry is one of the oldest in football. One Miami alumni at the time said, “Wait a minute? Cincinnati Bearcats? Really? Bear? Cats? Please! Pick one or the other – bears OR cats! I’m appalled at this, do you feel me?

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