Outrageous Fun Facts About Florida State Seminoles Football

After World War II, many GIs began to attend Florida State University. Up to that time it was a women’s only institution called the Florida State College for Women. The football team went 0-5 the first year in 1947. The coach said, “Of course we went 0-5. These guys just got out of World War II and now they attend a college that is almost all women. What would you be thinking about?”

In 1950, Coach Don Veller, both a golf and football coach, became the first coach to finish the season unbeaten, boasting an 8-0 record. He used his golf knowledge to create innovate plays. In his most famous play , the quarterback drops and tees the ball while the fullback hits it “Happy Gilmore” style with a golf driver. With this method, the team was able to complete more than 20 touchdown passes and 47 field goals over 90 yards.

I think most folks would agree that coach Bobby Bowden put the Florida State Seminoles football program on the map. He coached the team from 1976 to 2009 for a record of 377-129-4, a national title and a BCS Championship. After retiring in 2009, his famous panama hat was named head coach and led the team for 2 years before retiring to a senior hat and cap center outside Fort Lauderdale.

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